5 Ways to Get Old Bank Statements from Chase Bank in 2023

Written By Branson Knowles

With tax season around the corner, you may be looking for ways to access your old bank statements from Chase Bank. Luckily, Chase makes it easy to get a hold of any statement from the past 7 years.

If you’re looking for ways to get old bank statements from Chase Bank, you have 5 options: you can head into a branch in person and pay $6 per statement, have a banker mail them to you for free, call the (800) number, log into Chase.com, or log into Chase Bank’s Mobile App.

Having a banker print them for you is the only option that comes with a fee. Otherwise, Chase will happily send you any of your old statements for free. Before looking at each option in detail, let’s breakdown each of the five options:

  1. Printing them in a branch: If you need your statements right away, don’t have a printer, and are willing to pay a fee, heading into your local branch and asking a banker to print your statements may be the best option for you. Again, they are $6 a statement if Chase prints them for you.
  2. Having a banker mail them to you: If you don’t want to pay a fee but still want to head into a local branch, you can tell your banker which statements you want specifically, and they can mail them to the address you have on file. This method takes 7-14 business days.
  3. Call the (800) number and have them mail your statements to you: (800) 935-9935 is Chase’s dedicated, 24 hour hotline that will assist you with almost every general inquiry. This includes mailing statements to you. Again, they can take anywhere between 7-14 business days to reach you.
  4. Log into Chase.com: Chase gives all of their customers the ability to print their statements themselves. You can also email them to whoever needs them. Simply log into Chase.com and see for yourself.
  5. Log into the Chase Mobile App: Online capabilities are not locked to Chase.com, as Chase Bank customers can also access 7 years worth of statements from their mobile apps. 

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Now that I’ve briefly covered each option, let’s look into them with a little more detail:

How to Get Old Bank Statements from Chase Bank in a Branch (Asking a Banker to Print Them)

As an ex-banker who used to work for Chase, I can say personally I had a lot of customers coming in who needed their bank statements quickly. 

Some didn’t have time to wait the 7-14 business days for the statements to arrive in the mail and wanted them printed right away. 

Chase and their bankers are more than willing to provide you with the statements you need on the spot — so long as you’re willing to pay $6 per statement! 

Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a $6 charge per page of a statement (I’ve seen some heavy spenders have statements 10 pages long!), it’s $6 for the whole month’s worth of transactions, regardless if there was one all month or 1,000.

If you need your statements printed and in your hand right away, consider scheduling an appointment with your local banker. I know it doesn’t sound time intensive, but Chase’s systems can be slow, and their lines can be long. Trust me, I worked there for years!

Once you’ve called your local branch to set an appointment, or used the Chase mobile app to set one, tell your banker which specific statements you’re looking for. Within the branch, bankers can only go back up to 7 years, so if you need any further, you’ll have to call a special department.

The banker will then click on each and every one of the statements you need and print them out. This process can take a while, as each statement is usually 2-4 pages long, and Chase’s printers often have problems bankers need to navigate.

The banker will also charge the statement fee to your account automatically, so you don’t have to worry about paying with cash or a check. 

As this is the only method of receiving your statements that comes with a fee, it isn’t my first recommendation. But I would recommend this method if you need your statements in a hurry.

How to Get Old Bank Statements from Chase Bank in a Branch (Asking a Banker to Mail Them)

If you still want to head into your local branch to ask for some free help, your banker can assist. On the same screen that gives your banker the option to print your statement is a button that says mail, and it does exactly what it says.

Your banker can mail you as many statements as you want to the address you have on file for free, much cheaper than the $6 fee per statement — especially if you need several.

As I mentioned previously, Chase’s back office can take anywhere from 7-14 business days to send you your statements in the mail, making this method better for those who have a little more time on their hands. 

If you want to have a banker help you receive your statements in the mail, I would again recommend scheduling an appointment ahead of time. If you have an appointment, you can guarantee that your banker will set a dedicated block of time away just for you!

If not, you may not be able to get the help you’re looking for. 

Either way, your banker can go back up to 7 years in any one of the accounts you hold with Chase. You can even look through the statements with your banker, looking for a specific transaction you need a printed copy of.

How to Call Chase’s Customer Service Line (The (800) Number) and Have Them Mail You Your Statements

This is pretty similar to the method I covered above. The only difference is that you don’t have to head into a local branch or schedule an appointment to receive your statements from Chase’s customer support team. 

Chase’s “back office,” as bankers like to call them, is handy and quick to provide solutions. If you’re in need of some old bank statements but don’t have the time to head down to your local branch, feel free to call the good ol’ (800) number.

Chase Bank’s main customer service line is (800) 935-9935. If you would like for them to send you your statements, you’ll have to answer a couple of questions to confirm your identity. 

Chase’s customer service team will ask for your full legal name as it appears on your account, your address, your debit card number (if you have one), and your account number. If you answer any two of these questions incorrectly, they won’t be able to send you your statements.

Once you’ve successfully confirmed your identity, tell the back office which statements you’d like sent to your address. Once you’ve requested them, your statements should take about 7-14 business days in the mail.

Again, there is no fee for requesting any amount of old statements from Chase’s customer service team. If you need statements from more than 7 years ago, the main customer service number will re-route your call to the appropriate department. 

How to Get Old Bank Statements from Chase Bank by Logging into Chase.com

Now we’re onto my favorite ways to access all of your banking needs. I love online banking because you can do everything you need on your own time, without any help.

Logging into Chase.com to access your statements is incredibly easy. You can look through all of your statements quickly and find the exact ones you need.

Or, if you already know which statements you’re looking for, you can simply print them from home. You can also email them to yourself, your financial advisor, or your tax consultant — whoever needs them.

To access old bank statements from Chase.com, follow these easy steps I’ve laid out:

1. Log into Chase.com

We’re starting off with the easiest step in the books. Go to Chase.com and type in your username and password, the same one you use to check your balances or transfer funds between your accounts.

2. Click on the Three Bars in the Upper Left Hand Corner

The three bars in the upper left hand menu represent more options. Click on those to move onto our next step.

chase online banking dashboard

3. Click “Statements and Documents

Chase.com puts all of your paperwork in one area called “Statements and Documents”. Click on this handy subsection to take you to your statements.

statements and documents

4. Click on the Account You’d Like to Access

Chase.com will then show you each of the accounts you have with Chase. If you’re looking for statements from a specific account, click on it. You’ll then be given more options as to which statements you’d like to see.

choose a statement download

5. Select the Year You Want Your Statements From

Chase.com will let you access up to 7 years worth of statements, displaying the current year first. If you’re looking for statements from the past, click on the year in question.

statements and documents year

6. Find the Statement or Statements You’re Looking For

After selecting the year, you’ll see 12 statements, representing a new statement for each month. Find the specific statement you’re looking for. 

7. Choose to Download the Statement, Open it as a PDF, or Open It as an Accessible PDF

If it wasn’t clear already, Chase.com gives you options when accessing your statements. You can download them onto your computer, download them as a PDF, or download them as an accessible PDF that you can send through email.

Once you’ve downloaded the statements, you can print them for yourself or email them to whoever needs them. This method is completely free, and Chase will let you access, email, or print your statements as often as you’d like.

How to Access Old Bank Statements from Chase Bank Using the Chase Mobile App

Last but not least, you can always access up to 7 years worth of statements straight from the Chase Mobile App. It’s even easier than Chase.com, let me show you some easy to follow steps:

1. Open the Chase Mobile App

Open the Chase Mobile App: Start by logging into your Chase app with the same information you always use to log in.

2. Swipe Left on the Account You Want to Access

Swiping left on the account, you want to access will give you three options: pay, transfer, and three dots. The three dots represent more options, click on them to proceed.

chase mobile app dashboard

3. Click “See Statements”

The three dots will give you a couple of options to choose from, but you’ll want to click the obvious “See statements” button to… see your statements.

chase app see statements

4. Click “Statements”

The see statements button will take you to your document center, where you can access any and all of the documents Chase Bank has sent your way. Click “Statements” at the top of your screen to access them.


5. Choose the Year You Want and Click on a Statement

The Chase Mobile App doesn’t allow you to access multiple forms of your statements like Chase.com does, but you can still view any statements from the past 7 years. You can even email them straight from your mobile device.

statement selecting dates

How Do I Get Chase Bank Statements From More than 7 Years Ago?

Chase will only allow you to access your statements from the last 7 years. If you need to go further than that, you’ll need to call Chase’s customer service line at (800) 935-9935 and ask.

They will then transfer you to Chase’s internal archive’s department who should be able to assist you further. I’d include their phone number, but they don’t have one to be called directly. You’ll have to call the general (800) number before being transferred.

Chase’s branch employees don’t have access to these records either.

Can I Get My Chase Bank Statements Early?

Unfortunately, no. Chase will release your statement 3-5 days after the normal date on your bank account’s cycle. 

If you opened your account on the 23rd of the month, expect to see your bank statements sometime between the 26th-28th of every following month.

Chase bankers can print out a screenshot of your current account activity though if you need a printed page with your current transactions and balance. 

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